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Zephaniah is a Brooklyn based singer and songwriter. Driven by a love of the early american songbook, is an emerging artist continuing the Country & Western tradition. Zephaniah sings and performs his own compositions with The 18 Wheelers, and Honeyfingers.  He is also seen around town singing and performing with The Saddle Tramps, and an early Hawaiian music tribute group that performs under the name Zeph & Jonny.

He has had the good fortune to have collaborated on songwriting with New York City luminaries including Jim Campilongo, Jonny Lam, and Roy Williams. 

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This Highway

Coming June 9, 2017
Produced by Jim Campilongo & Luca Benedetti
Jim Campilongo - electric guitar
Jon Graboff- Pedal steel
Roy Williams -piano
Scott Colberg-bass
Nick Anderson- drums
Luca Benedetti - electric guitar
John Shannon - acoustic guitar
Dori Freeman- vocal (tracks 6 & 10)
Veronica Davila - vocal
Alex Hargreaves - Fiddle
Mike Barnett - Fiddle
Danny Fox -piano (track 10)
Dan Reiser - drums / percussion (track 10) 
All songs by Zephaniah OHora
**except Somethin' Stupid (C. Carson Parks)