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Zephaniah is a Brooklyn based singer and songwriter. Driven by a love of the early american songbook, is an emerging artist continuing the Country & Western tradition. Zephaniah sings and performs his own compositions with The 18 Wheelers, and Honeyfingers.  He is also seen around town singing and performing with The Saddle Tramps, and an early Hawaiian music tribute group that performs under the name Zeph & Jonny.

He has had the good fortune to have collaborated on songwriting with New York City luminaries including Jim Campilongo, Jonny Lam, and Roy Williams. 

'This Highway' Song premiere on American songwriter

'Channeling the country icons of decades past is something of a trend these days, but only a handful of artists are able to pull off such homage without devolving into mimicry. Brooklyn’s Zephaniah OHora is one of those artists' 




THIS HIGHWAY produced by Jim Campilongo and Luca Benedetti

Featuring: Jim Campilongo, Luca Benedetti, Jon Graboff, Roy Williams, Scott Colberg, Nick Anderson, Dori Freeman, John Shannon, Alex Hargreaves, Mike Barnett, Veronica Davila, Danny Fox, and Dan Reiser. 

Recorded at the Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY

Engineered and mixed by Aaron Nevezie 

Available on Vinyl, Cd, and everywhere Digitally 

Featuring 10 original songs and the classic Sinatra hit 'Somethin' Stupid' as a country duet with Dori Freeman. 

Album design and artwork by Setty Hopkins.

Photography by Meredith Jenks